About Us

Located in the small small fishing village of Jambiani on the south east coast of Zanzibar, Uhuru kite is one of only 2 kitesurfing schools currently open along the whole coast of Jambiani. Lessons and riding are in the lagoons or further afield on the waves. Which ever place you choose to enjoy your session it will be undisturbed… Paje the busiest kite destination on the Zanzibar archipelago is just north on the same coast, so you will experience the exact same conditions, without the large amount of kites.


Private Courses per hour

1 on 1 with an instructor.


Learn to fly high in the sky with your personal kite and learn the skills to become an 'independent kite surfer'

Want to hone your skills and tricks, or want to refresh an old course? 1 on 1 per hour private tuituion will give you that and more, professional advice and tips for tricks and new skills, as well as refreshing a course taken previously.

Introductory Course - (2 hours)

1-4 pax. Discounts for 3/4 people.


A two hour introduction into the world of kite surfing. Learn basic kite skills and flying techniques on the beach with a small kite, and get a taste of the power that a kite can give you.

Independent Full Course

6 hours/3 days 1 pax.


Learn all the skills neccessary to become an 'independant kite surfer' and practice yourself. By the end of this course expect to have enjoyed surfing accross flat warm water with the wind in your hair!

Group Course - (3 days / 9 hours)

9hours (2pax) ($650 total for 2 pax)


A group course is spread out over 3 days normally with 3 hours each day of training. Group sizes are normally 2 people but up to 4 can be taught safely. Learn all the skills neccessary to become an 'independant kitesurfer' and practice yourself. By the end of this course expect to have enjoyed surfing accross flat warm water with the wind in your hair!

Zero to Hero

The ultimate way to leave a pro.

$650 per person for 12 hours private or $1300 for two people with 18 hours

Come and take your time to learn every step fully at completely your own pace until you leave at a fully satisfactory level

Contact Us

Tel: +44 7761 920514 (WhatsApp)

Email: info@uhurukite-zanzibar.com

What our clients say

Good professional teachers very reasonable prices nice restaurants nearby just ask the owners big surfing area very low water

Torben M
Good professional teachers

Great spot to start kitesurfing. The kite school is well located with short distances to various hotels and restaurants. Leo and Dina are great guys! I had really good kite lessons - will definitely come back again!

Best Place to Kite in Jambiani

Excellent spot without the crowd like in other places. I only rented, but the owner, Leo, gave me always valuable tips. Leo was always replying me fast to my E-mails which i previously sent, not like other centers which never replied to any inquiry. The center is small and has therefore limited kite material, better to check with them before...

Oliver H Aarau, Switzerland
Perfect small kite center

Very Nice kite surfing club! Leo, the owner and instructor, and Dina are very nice and flexible! Great teaching Not too expensive with good equipment! All the best to them!

Xavier K. Sydney, Australia
Awesome Team