About Us...

Uhuru Kite Kite Surfing

Location: Jambiani, Zanzibar

I'm a very enthusiastic and motivated person, and have always found showing people things and helping people learn things, such as kitesurfing, gives me great satisfaction.

I am a fully qualified instructor with thousands of hours experience, I have been teaching all over the world before I started Uhuru Kite Zanzibar, including; The Philippines, The UK, Greece, Turkey, The Caribbean, Egypt and Dubai.

I focus on providing a lesson with a personal touch, making all my students feel completely relaxed and safe throughout the courses.

Learning to kitesurf at Uhuru Kite Zanzibar with me or another instructor is certainly the safest, quickest and one of the cheapest ways of learning this amazing sport.

Located in the small small fishing village of Jambiani on the south east coast of Zanzibar, Uhuru kite is one of only 2 kitesurfing schools currently open along the whole coast of Jambiani. Lessons and riding are in the lagoons or further afield on the waves. Which ever place you choose to enjoy your session it will be undisturbed... Paje the busiest kite destination on the Zanzibar archipelago is just north on the same coast, so you will experience the exact same conditions, without the large amount of kites!

Uhuru Kite Zanzibar